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Raise your hook-clad hand if you wear a Crucian hook bracelet!

Hook bracelets are an iconic symbol of St. Croix. It’s safe to say that the majority of people who live or are from here wear one. And they tend to be a pretty common souvenir for visitors too.

A Crucian hook bracelet is a conversation piece. Wear it off-island – anywhere in the world – and you may just meet others who have a connection to St. Croix. It can also be an indicator of whether you’re single or spoken for, depending on which direction the hook is facing.

Sonya Ltd., established in 1954, is home of the original St. Croix hook. Now there are many artisans making handcrafted jewelry from precious metals, chaney (pieces of broken fine china), and other materials.

But the term “hook bracelet” isn’t only reserved for the traditional u-shaped hook. You’ll find bangle-style bracelets in a variety of shapes, with earring, necklace and ring counterparts, at several jewelry stores. And it’s not unusual for women to stack multiple bracelets on both wrists.

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