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Green Facility

 Eco-friendly Airport Rental Car Facility

When it came time to build a new Rental Car Return facility at the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport on St. Croix, we knew we wanted it to be an environmentally conscious building. After all, we live in paradise and it’s our responsibility to take care of this beautiful place we call home. So, we set out to reduce the carbon footprint of our facility in as many ways possible, from the light bulbs to the process in which we care for our fleet. Below are some of the ways we made sure to be good stewards of the environment with our new St. Croix Airport Rental Car Return facility.

Green Building

  • All of our walls are insulated. That may not seem as important in a warm weather climate, but insulation helps keep cool air in and hot air out too!
  • We installed insulated double-pane windows, which serves a similar purpose as insulation.
  • We used LED lighting throughout. LED lights are more efficient, last longer and do not contain harmful mercury.
  • Our air-conditioning system has energy efficient, inverter technology with a hot air-cold air heat exchanger unit for further energy efficiency.
  • A 9.75 kWh solar system was installed to generate energy from the sun, an abundant source on St. Croix!
  • To conserve water, we collect rain water from our roof.
  • We installed a variable speed water pump. Variable speed pumps are 30% to 50% more efficient than traditional pumps.

Green Fleet Care

  • To reduce our water and soap consumption, we installed the efficient, state-of-the-industry ECO5 car wash system from NS Wash Corporation. The result is 20% less water and 70% less soap used to wash rental cars returned at the St. Croix Airport.
  • The soap used to wash our rental cars is biodegradable.
  • A three chambered waste water management system removes impurities from all gray water going back into the environment.

When renting from the St. Croix Airport, rental cars are returned at our eco-friendly facility. The next time you visit, please feel free to ask questions about how Centerline is going green!

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