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Centerline is happy to be a sponsor of this year’s Virgin Islands Triathlon taking place Sunday, November 28, 2021. This is the 32nd year for the race, making this course one of the longest-running triathlons on record.

Safety is our top priority as vehicles share the road with bicyclists and runners. Please be mindful of athletes training in the weeks leading up to the big race and year-round.

Bicyclist Safety

Bicyclists have the right to share the road, traveling in the same direction as vehicles. Here are a few rules for sharing the road with cyclists:

  • Approach cyclists with extreme caution.
  • Give them room and slow down when you pass them. Air pressure from a quickly passing vehicle can throw a cyclist off balance.
  • Be aware that a cyclist may react to road hazards just like a motorist would. Example: a cyclist may swerve to avoid a pothole or puddle.
  • The rules of the road and right-of-way apply to, and protect, bicyclists. You must yield the right-of-way to a bicyclist just as you would to another vehicle.

Bicyclists must obey the rules of the road just as drivers do. Here are some rules that cyclists should keep in mind as they hit the roads of St. Croix:

  • Signal turns, lane changes and stops using hand signals.
  • Cyclists must ride near the left curb or edge of the road, on on a usable shoulder, to avoid undue interference with other traffic.
  • Come to a full stop before entering a roadway from a driveway, alley or over a curb.
  • Never ride more than two abreast in a single lane.
  • Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times.
  • Never ride on sidewalks.

Runner Safety

As a driver, you must use extra caution to avoid pedestrian accidents. Regardless of the rules of the road or right-of-way, the law specifically requires that you exercise great care to avoid striking pedestrians.

Athletes should run on the side of the road facing traffic (a.k.a. the right side in the Virgin Islands). Drivers, watch for pedestrians and runners on your left and when making left turns. Runners should also use sidewalks when available and, if there are no sidewalks, run on the shoulder.

Centerline welcomes all athletes to St. Croix and wishes all participants a safe and speedy race!

SOURCE: Virgin Islands Driver’s Manual