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You’ll see “laid back” in just about every description of St. Croix you find.

In comparison to our sister islands, we’re less commercialized than St. Thomas, yet more developed than St. John. We like to think that makes St. Croix the perfect middle-of-the-road pace.

Words like easygoing, friendly, and slow-paced are also often used to describe our vibe. Cruzan Rum factory dubbed St. Croix as “The Don’t Hurry,” a place where life never moves too fast, where you can sit back, relax and (of course) enjoy a Cruzan cocktail.

Here, you’ll find that there’s plenty to do…or not do! You can go to the beach and paddleboard, swim, snorkel, walk…or nap, read, sip a beverage, float. You can wake up in the morning and hike Goat Hill…or enjoy coffee with a view. No matter which you choose, you’ll likely feel that you’re exactly where you need to be.

Celebrating 30 Years
In celebration of Centerline’s 30th anniversary, we’re sharing 30 Things Centerline Loves About St. Croix. Each week we’ll share something new — and we hope you’ll chime in on social media by telling us what you love too! Our big 3-0 is in March 2020, when we’ll also be giving away a St. Croix vacation.