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Just as sure as St. Croix’s east end is the first to see the sun in the U.S., a west end sunset is sure to be spectacular. If you’re lucky, you may even see the elusive “Green Flash.”

A Centerline tip: don’t ever think that a cloudy horizon will ruin a sunset. Clouds often mean some of the most incredible shades of pink, yellow and orange.

There are several vantage points from which to watch the sunset. Some of our favorites include Spratt Hall Beach, Rainbow Beach, the Tap Deck balcony, The Fred, Louie & Nachos, Dorsch Beach, and the Frederiksted Pier.  You can even take a bench at the park on Strand Street in Frederiksted to enjoy the show!

The sun sets early here, between 6 and 7pm, depending on the season, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy dinner in Frederiksted after sunset.

Celebrating 30 Years
In celebration of Centerline’s 30th anniversary, we’re sharing 30 Things Centerline Loves About St. Croix. Each week we’ll share something new — and we hope you’ll chime in on social media by telling us what you love too! Our big 3-0 is in March 2020, when we’ll also be giving away a St. Croix vacation.