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St. Croix is very unique in that it has both an arid, dessert-like terrain and a lush, green rain forest. Though not technically a rainforest, this expanse of land is dense with mahogany, turpentine, kapok, samaan, and many fruit trees. Making their homes within the rain forest are a number of species, including green-throated caribs, yellow warblers, banaquits, deer, mongoose, insects, bats, and another unexpected creature…the infamous beer-drinking pigs!

Set deep within the rain forest, a popular attraction for tourists and locals is the Mt. Pellier Domino Club, also known as Norma’s, where you can stop for a cold drink, delicious meal, and to buy a round of beer for the resident pigs (non-alcoholic, of course). You’ll get to personally hand the pigs a beer and take plenty of photos with these beloved pigs! While you’re there, try the mammawanna, a fresh banana daquiri, and any of the outstanding, homemade food.

There are many other cool places to visit the rain forest. A short drive down the road is Nidulari, a “gypsy cart” food truck and artisanal bakery where you can enjoy lunch and buy baked goods and locally-made chocolate to take home. Up the mountain, you can tour Ridge to Reef Farm —  or take part in a more immersive experience as a volunteer, a farm stay or bush skills retreat. Tucked on a hillside you’ll find Mount Victory Camp where you can camp or stayover in a bungalow, participate in a wilderness workshop, or take a hike.

Other Activities in the Rain Forest

We recommend taking your time to truly explore the rain forest and all of its beautiful sights and sounds.

Celebrating 30 Years
In celebration of Centerline’s 30th anniversary, we’re sharing 30 Things Centerline Loves About St. Croix. Each week we’ll share something new — and we hope you’ll chime in on social media by telling us what you love too! Our big 3-0 is in March 2020, when we’ll also be giving away a St. Croix vacation.