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Hiking on St. Croix without a doubt results in spectacular views. Here are a few of our favorite places to explore by foot, from east to west.

Jack and Isaac Bays

Just before you reach Point Udall, you can park at the trail head of a hike to Jack’s and Isaac’s Bays. In addition to sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea, you’ll walk through the interesting arid climate of the East End. Lined with tall grasses, shrubs and interesting cactus, the trail is easy to follow due to frequent hikers. You’ll reach Isaac Bay first, then Jack Bay. Both are turtle nesting beaches, so be careful not to disturb potential nests, but both bays also offer excellent snorkeling.

Goat Hill

Goat Hill is the second highest peak on St. Croix. While the hike is rigorous, the payoff is an amazing 360-degree view, including a perfect birds-eye view of the eastern most point of the United States. There are two hike options: one trail from the Grapetree area and one rugged gravel road from the Cramer’s Park area.

Annaly Bay Tide Pools

Starting at the Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort, this hike goes through the hills of the north shore to Annaly Bay and a series of large, naturally formed tide pools. At it’s highest point, you’ll have an incredible view north and at the base you’ll walk out to a beautiful rocky beach. A dip in the tide pools will require climbing on jagged and steep rocks, but the cool water is worth it if you’re up to the challenge.

Ham’s Bluff Lighthouse

This short, but steep, hike is located where St. Croix’s north shore and west end meet (accessed by driving north from Frederiksted). The path is cleared and easy to navigate. It ends at a rusted out old lighthouse that was first lit in 1915. The breeze at the top is as cooling as the view is stunning.

If you’re interested in hiking, but prefer a group or guided tour, check out CHANT and St. Croix Hiking Association.

Celebrating 30 Years
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