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Drive sober with Centerline Car Rentals launches with National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, December 2023. Taking personal responsibility for a safe ride saves lives. Before taking that first drink, have a plan.

In partnership with the Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety and Virgin Islands Police Department, Centerline Car Rentals reminds you that your perception of how well you drive changes based on your blood-alcohol content – even after just a couple of drinks. We probably all know someone who makes good choices most of the time, but not-so-good choices after drinking. Make the right choice every time: don’t drive while or after drinking.

In another video series, we used Fatal Vision® Impairment Goggles to demonstrate the affects of drinking and driving. Participants drove a designed course while wearing goggles that simulate various blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. Our drivers described their experience as, “feeling like they were underwater,” and, “dizzy.” One driver asked, “Are you sure you want me to drive?!” The answer is: NO!

These drivers, had they actually been under the influence of alcohol, may have felt fine to drive. But, if you feel different, you drive different. Driving impaired is preventable and a choice — and it is never ok. Choose not to drink and drive.

To view more safe driving videos, please visit our Drive Safe With Centerline YouTube playlist.

Special thanks to Vivid Productions, LLC, for their hard work producing our Drive Safe With Centerline videos.