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Like USVI native Pressure Busspipe’s hit says, “St. Croix full of pure vibes, so nice, so nice.”

St. Croix is an island of very friendly people. You can always count on being greeted, making friends comes easy and help is never far away.

Good Morning, Good Afternoon & Good Night

Greetings are very much ingrained in our culture. From walking down the sidewalk to walking in to the bank to stepping through the door of your favorite bakery (or rental car agency!), offering up a greeting is a simple act that makes everyone feel welcome.

On St. Croix, we do use more formal greetings of “Good Morning” (though it may sound more like “Good Mahnin'”), Good Afternoon,” and “Good Night” (as a greeting, in place of Good Evening). But just because these phrases seem more formal, our greetings are fueled by friendliness. Greeting one another just has a way of spreading happiness!

You never know when a greeting might result in a new friendship or a good tip. Don’t hesitate to ask people you greet for advice on a favorite place to eat, things to do or directions.

As we were writing this, a perfectly timed post came through on a St. Croix Facebook group. The question was asked, “Will you post…1-2 things that you love about STX?” There was a overwhelming response that the people are one of the top reasons to love St. Croix! The comments just rolled on…

  • “I think The people of STX are very nice and friendly!”
  • “We love the people, the diversity, the laid-back attitude and, of course, the amazing beauty and weather!!”
  • “The incredible sense of community.”
  • “Weather, the food, the people and the laid back environment.”
  • “Love how I learned to smile and greet strangers with good morning.”
  • “The people are amazing! Love the sense of family.”
  • “Nice people.”
  • “Da people.”
  • “The sea and the people!”
  • “We love the people who were already there that are rich with friendliness, community and culture.”
  • “The beautiful view and beautiful people!!”
  • “The people!”
  • “We love the weather (no more snow!), but more importantly, we love the culture, the beauty & the people.”
  • “The beautiful beaches and ocean are what first brought us here. But the people have kept us here.”
  • “The wonderful people, the open blue sky…”
  • “I love the sea, sand and the people….”

We’re happy that so many people agree that the friendly people of St. Croix are at the top of the list of things to love. Don’t just take the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism’s word for it. Experience St. Croix’s “Real Nice” for yourself!

Celebrating 30 Years
In celebration of Centerline’s 30th anniversary, we’re sharing 30 Things Centerline Loves About St. Croix. Each week we’ll share something new — and we hope you’ll chime in on social media by telling us what you love too! Our big 3-0 is in March 2020, when we’ll also be giving away a St. Croix vacation.