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Centerline Car Rentals has the largest, most modern rental car fleet on St. Croix and a 30+ year reputation of providing excellent service. Here are some things we’re doing behind the scenes to provide the best possible service to you.

Our Promise To You

  • We do not overbook. It is fairly common practice for chain rental agencies to expect a certain percentage of “no-shows” and overbook to compensate. Centerline does not take more reservations than we have vehicles to rent. Sometimes that means we lose out when a customer does not honor their reservation, but it always means that our customers will get a vehicle when they arrive.
  • We meet all flights at the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (STX). We know flight delays happen and we’re not about to leave you stranded. Our team monitors flight arrivals and will stay until the last flight arrives. Providing your flight information on your reservation helps us know if you’re on a delayed flight, so please don’t skip that step.
    Note: if your flight is delayed by a day or more, please call our office to update your arrival date as not arriving on the date you’re expected and not contacting us will lead us to assume you are a no-show.

Thank You For Your Patience

We acknowledge that some days the wait can feel like an eternity and we apologize for any discomfort this may cause. It’s certainly not our goal to make you wait and we’d like to offer a few explanations that may help you understand.

  • Given our remote island location, we have a fixed number of vehicles in rotation, often being returned and picked up in the same day, within less than two hours. If you see two or three airplanes on the tarmac, that means that potentially 50+ renters have just returned their rental cars and the same number may be queuing up for their rental. Our washyard crew hustles to turn vehicles around as fast as they can without sacrificing cleanliness and safety.
  • You may be surprised to learn that each rental car company has a limited number of parking spaces at the airport – and it’s often less than the number of reservations we have to fulfill. It’s possible that you might check-in at the counter, but your vehicle isn’t waiting for you in the lot. This is most likely because we need to shuffle vehicles to get yours into the lot, not that we’re not ready for you. It’s a fun game of “who’s on first” and we’re constantly trying to fine-tune our guessing powers!
    Note: this is another reason why providing your flight details, as well as an accurate pick-up time, is helpful.

    Tip: St. Croix is not like other airports where you go to baggage claim first and then to the rental car counter. In fact, we advise that you get in line at the rental car counter first (and send another member of your group to baggage claim, if possible). When selecting your pick-up time, do not pad the time to allow for baggage claim as you might in the States.

  • In the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is the law to have a signed copy of your rental contract in the vehicle. Our agents are very thorough with the rental contract and will take the time necessary to execute the contract appropriately.
  • Please, please be sure to read and understand our rental car FAQs. Understanding important details – like your name on your driver’s license must match the name on your credit card and knowing what to expect when using a credit vs. debit card – will help speed up the process for you and everyone behind you in line.

We understand that after a long day of travel, standing in line for your rental car can feel exhausting. Please know that our team of highly trained customer service agents do their very best to get you on the road as efficiently as possible. If you need a cold bottle of water to help you stay hydrated and cool, let us know!