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Here’s a pro tip from Nadine for anyone arriving to St. Croix: restart your cell phone once you have landed. By powering off and back on, your phone should reset to the local time and find the nearest cellular tower.

Note: Depending on the type of phone you have, you may need to change your date & time settings or time zone setting to get the time to update.

Cell Service on St. Croix

Most cellular phone services will work fine on St. Croix. Liberty (previously AT&T) and T-Mobile are the main local providers, but Verizon will also work here. Different phones and service plans update in different ways, which is why Nadine suggests restarting. Of course, we recommend checking with your cellular service provider if you have any questions or concerns about network connectivity.

WiFi is also abundantly available at St. Croix hotels, villas, restaurants, cafes and other businesses if you don’t want to rely on cellular data.

Who is Nadine? And Why Does She Want You To Restart Your Phone?

Some of you may know Nadine as the Supervisor who primarily works at our Mid-Island – La Reine location. She has been with Centerline for going on 18 years, which means she has observed many of the challenges that visitors have when arriving on island.

This particular issue with cell phones came up when we were discussing how best to accommodate our customers requesting hotel delivery. In order to deliver a vehicle, Centerline needs to be able to contact you via text or phone prior to delivery. Making sure that you are able to receive calls and/or text messages is important so we can provide the most efficient service possible.