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I-Cycle St. Croix planned to open in August — and then came Irma with Maria on her heels. Native Crucian and I-Cycle co-owner, Alex Worede, was nervous when she was able to get to her downtown Christiansted indoor cycling studio two days after Maria. She was relieved to find only minor flooding — and thrilled when the power came back on so quickly. Alex, her dad and her husband, also her business partners, serviced the bikes and opened on October 7.

“Spinning is a great stress release and we all needed that after the hurricanes.” Alex’s vision for I-Cycle is for people to come, sweat it out, and stick around to chat. “A community within a community.” She’s even already had a few sold-out classes!

Alex said the nice spin on all of the destruction from Maria is the way everyone was helping each out out. She said that everybody in the Pan Am Pavillion pitched in to help clean up.

Spin class is a workout for every body, regardless of where they are in their fitness training — whether you’re nursing an injury or ready to push your limits. It’s a great way to get back on a bike while the roads are still a little unsafe for all of the cycling enthusiasts on St. Croix. The schedule is posted weekly on the I-Cycle Facebook page. For now, be sure to call or message to reserve a bike. Soon the web site will be complete and you can register online.

Alex was born and raised on St. Croix. She went to Philadelphia for college and returned to the island where she “fell in love with a Danish viking”. After spending a few years in Denmark, they returned to St. Croix to fulfill a long-time dream of her dad to open an indoor cycling studio.