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In the U.S. Virgin Islands we drive on the left-side of the road. That might look strange at first, but you’ll get used to it! Above is a view from the driver’s seat.

Centerline is partnering with the Virgin Islands Office of HIghway Safety to demonstrate what it looks like from the driver’s seat while driving on the left side of the road and turning at intersections. We hope that seeing this perspective prior to your arrival may help you keep left while driving in the USVI.

Turning into the flow of traffic can be especially confusing. When leaving the St. Croix Airport, if you’re turning left or east, you’ll look to the right to check for oncoming traffic. If you’re turning right, be sure to look both left and right. Watch the below video for view from the driver’s seat, then watch our full KEEP LEFT video series.  Remember: it’s opposite of a stateside turn.

PRO TIP: Keep your shoulder to the shoulder


To view more safe driving videos, including other helpful Keel Left videos, please visit our Drive Safe With Centerline YouTube playlist.

Special thanks to Vivid Productions, LLC, for their hard work producing our Drive Safe With Centerline videos.