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Want to know the best way to get to the Annaly Bay Tide Pools with your rental car? The short answer: don’t! The road to Annaly Bay is not a paved and is considered off-roading. If you take your Centerline rental car off-road, your rental contract is void and you will be responsible for any damages to the vehicle.

Here are two options for going to the Tide Pools while visiting St. Croix.

Hike to the Tide Pools

There is parking and a trailhead at the entrance to Carambola Beach Resort. The hike is about 2.5 miles one-way. You can learn more about the hike from GoToStCroix.com. Watch this video to see how to get to the Annaly Bay Tide Pools parking and trailhead in your rental car.

Directions: Drive toward Carambola Beach Resort on North Shore Road. Turn left into the parking area just before the Carambola guard shack. Be mindful to not leave anything of value in your vehicle. It may even make sense to leave your doors unlocked so no one is tempted to break your windows. Walk up the hill and you’ll see the trailhead on your right. Have fun and be safe!

Tan Tan Tours

Option #2 is to let someone else do the off-roading! Tan Tan Tours is an adventurous way to experience several parts of St. Croix, including the Tide Pools. We recommend parking your rental safely right here, then sit back and enjoy the adventure!