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We like your style, Fiona — start the day with some exercise so you can end with an indulgence! From catching a glimpse of our sister islands from the Christiansted Bypass to indulging in homemade ice cream from the legendary Armstrong’s, this sounds like a pretty Perfect Day on St. Croix.

A perfect day on St. Croix would be a day when I wake up early and go for my 3 mile run on the Christiansted Bypass and through Gallow’s Bay just before sunrise. That early in the morning the air is crisp, the breeze soothing, and the birds are just waking up and singing their song. I would stop along the way to take in the view from the lookout over the town to see how clear I could see St. Thomas, St. John and the other islands.

After my run, I would drive out to Cramer’s Park Beach where I would enjoy soaking in the turquoise water and watching the brown pelicans fly overhead before swooping down to have fish for their breakfast. By noon I would have had enough of the ocean and would drive back to Christiansted for a smoothie at Twin City Coffee House.

I’d go home to shower and lay down for a few hours, then head back out to pick up lunch at Centeno’s Cruzano Cuisine Restaurant in Sunny Isle. Roast Pork, seasoned rice, stuffing and coleslaw is usually my go-to meal, washing it down with a glass of lemonade. I’d usually enjoy my meal sitting under a shady tree beachfront on the north side then settle in for a nap as the waves roll in nearby. People watching on the beach is always very exciting so I’d listen to music while I do that.

I’d wrap up my day out west with an Armstrong’s Ice Cream Blackstallion in hand and watch the sun make its final curtsy.