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You’ll see from Jeanne’s Perfect Day on St. Croix that it’s hard to limit it to just one day. She has enough ideas to fill multiple days!

Our day would start with the realization that we will be enjoying another beautiful day in STX and all the beauty that surrounds us on land and sea.

Our first thoughts will be to have a pleasant morning with friends, depending on the day possibly for brunch at Blue Water Terrace or some quiet eats at home. Then after that maybe get in an invigorating hike up to blue mountain or maybe hams bluff.

And if breakfast out is not in the cards, then we are checking weather, planning and gearing up for an awesome day of scuba diving the north shore or maybe Frederiksted Pier and if weather permits even the south shore or east end might be in the cards.

My favorite thing is to chat with the dive shops to see what fish have been seen and where, then get my camera gear ready to hit the water! After one or two morning dives it is time for food again! Eating at Dianna’s Off the Wall sitting at the bar area and chatting with locals and tourists alike, or Eat at Cane Bay checking to see if I got even one good shot!! Views just do not get better than this!

After all of this and there is energy left, we are ready to clean up and get some friends and head on down to Rowdy Joe’s for some awesome food or maybe into town for any one of a number of great restaurants. And it is always my pleasure to be around for Art Thursday!

This is my idea of a day in paradise, and St Croix has it all for us!