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We may not have much in common weather-wise with our stateside friends this time of year, but here are some car care tips that apply to both islanders and those in colder climates. Salt and sand come with both Caribbean breezes and cold winter chills. And neither salt or sand are great for your vehicle. To protect your car from salt and sand:

Wash Your Car Monthly

Wash your vehicle monthly to rinse off corrosive salt. Pay attention to the undercarriage, wheel wells, and behind fenders too. If you’re using a car wash, select an option that includes the underbody.

Clean Your Tires Regularly

Keep your tires clean from sand and salt that you may pick up from the beach or a treated road. Rinsed tires will prevent them kicking up salt and sand into the wheel wells.

Apply Wax 1-2 Times A Year

Wax protects your paint finish like an invisible coat of armor. We recommend applying a coat of wax one-to-two times a year. Some DIY car soaps have wax in the mixture, which is a nice bonus, though an occasional extra coat of DIY wax will give added protection. If you’re using a car wash, the wax upgrade is worth it periodically.

Park Your Car In The Garage…

And head to St. Croix!

How Centerline Protects Our Fleet

Centerline rental car exteriors are washed thoroughly after every rental. A pressure washer is used to spray hard-to-reach areas, like the underbody, fender liner, rims, and wheel wells. We use a soap/wax mixture for each wash to protect the surface from the sun and salty air, and maintain that showroom shine.