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Matador Network just included the U.S. Virgin Islands on a list of The 7 most stunning swimming destinations in the world. If you’re a swimmer, St. Croix has plenty of Perfect Days in store for you.

There is a group called FinFolk Caribbean Swimmers that meets on Saturday mornings to swim and explore different areas around St. Croix. The distances range from 1.4 to 2.3 miles in open water with several different unique conditions. For instance, the Cane Bay to Carambola swim goes over “The Wall,” a dramatic drop in underwater elevation, and the Boiler Bay to Smuggler’s Cove swim is nicknamed the Colorado River of St. Croix because of the strong current. Some swimmers use only goggles, while others outfit with snorkels, masks and fins. They post their schedule on Facebook every couple of months. Swimming with the FinFolk can result in seeing some pretty spectacular marine life — check out their Facebook photos!

FinFolk often times head to a nearby restaurant for breakfast after their swim. It’s a great way to be part of the camaraderie and hear stories from folks who have been swimming St. Croix for 30+ years. Plus, you’ve earned it!

You’ll be ready to enjoy the rest of your Perfect Day on St. Croix before noon. To keep up with your swim-themed day, maybe you’ll indulge in a poolside nap or shopping for a new swimsuit in town!

If you’re really hardcore about swimming, the St. Croix Coral Reef Swim might be for you. There is a 1-mile, 2-mile and 5-mile option — the longest being a swim from Buck Island to The Buccaneer Resort! In 2019, the swim is on Sunday, November 10.