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When you hike to Jack’s Bay, it is easy to envision St. Croix in the days of Captain Black Sam Bellamy, aka the Prince of Pirates. Bellamy, based his pirating operations out of St. Croix in the late 1600s. Considered the wealthiest and most generous of the pirates captured in the lore of the time, historians have labeled him the “Robin Hood” of pirates.

Often you are the only trekkers around and there are no homes, hotels or other buildings to mar the pristine landscape. It’s tempting to keep an eye out for a glint of silver or gold treasure along the rocky path. You almost need a treasure map to find this beach. A pirate couldn’t ask for a better hiding place!

Photo: purepirate.com

Access to this gorgeous beach begins at the Eastern-most point of the United States, Point Udall. We are grateful to the St. Croix Hiking Association for these very clear directions:

– From Christiansted, go east on Route 75 / Route 82 / East End Rd. for about 3 miles until the T-intersection with Route 82 and Route 60.
– Turn left at T-intersection and continue for about 7 miles more on Route 82 east.
– Turn left at sign for Cramer Park and continue for about 2 miles more on Route 82 east, going past Cramer Park. After the road bends sharply to the left, go 100 yards further, and turn into the small roadside parking area on the right side. If you pass it, the road ends about 2/10 of a mile later at Point Udall, so just loop around and come back. Do not leave any valuables in your car.

The trailhead is at the parking area and leads down to the water. After walking for 10 minutes, the first beach you reach will be on East End Bay. At that point, turn right (west), go to the west end of the beach, and take the connecting trail west to the beach at Isaac Bay. Go to the west end of the beach at Isaac Bay and find the connecting trail west. After a few minutes, turn left on the side trail to the beach at Jack Bay.

Latest conditions reported for this hike:

December 2013: Walkable, with some high grass in sections.

Remember, wherever you may roam on our lovely island of St. Croix, take only photos & leave only footprints…

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