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Winter is coming…Do you want to experience a different kind of Christmas? If spending the holidays on a Caribbean island bursting with street parades, music and celebrations sound good to you, then head over to St. Croix.

The Christmas season in St. Croix is oh so fabulous! If you want to avoid winter and just want to soak in warm, sunny days filled with festivities, St. Croix is the place to be. Each year, this island in the USVI holds a month-long Crucian Christmas Festival filled with colorful traditional costumes, music, street parades, and local food. An annual event since 1952, this grand tradition has its roots in the early 1800s when African slaves were finally allowed to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

2013 marks the festival’s 61th anniversary. Visitors and locals alike can expect an even bigger celebration this year. Here are some events to look forward to when spending the holidays in St. Croix.


  • Jus Mas Usually held on December 15th, this is a sunrise to sunset festival in downtown Christiansted that keeps people dancing and jumping with music from all sorts of genre. It usually begins around 9 am and lasts until past midnight.


  • Food, Arts and Crafts FairA highlight of the festival, this fair pays tribute to local cooks who continue to make traditional Crucian dishes. This is a much anticipated event, as people partake in native cultural dishes that their mothers and grandmothers used to make.


  • Children and Adult ParadesHeld a few days after New Year, these spectacles are among the last official events in the month-long celebration. These parades are a magnificent display of the Crucian culture with extravagant performers occupying the streets all day wearing vibrant and beautifully-crafted costumes.


The Crucian Christmas Festival is such a grand celebration that preparations start months before with parade rehearsals and costume making. There are also pageants and other musical events like calypso shows throughout the festivities.

Explore St. Croix and experience the festivities during the holidays. Immerse yourself in the island’s unique culture and history as you party in its picturesque towns. When in St. Croix, check out Centerline Car Rentals for some of the best and largest selections of rental vehicles on the island. Contact Us today and book your reservations. We are open seven days a week and we meet ALL flights into St. Croix.


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