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New Jeep Renegade Sport

Centerline has added the Jeep Renegade Sport to our St. Croix rental car fleet. The Jeep Renegade is a versatile compact SUV that is designed with fun in mind. From the outside, the Renegade is sleek and compact. And getting in couldn't be more convenient! The Keyless...

St. Croix Hotel & Tourism Association Membership Mixer

Thank you to the St. Croix Hotel & Tourism Association, and sponsor VIYA, for hosting the annual Membership Mixer with special guest speaker, Governor Albert Bryan. We enjoyed learning about the current projects of the Virgin Islands Administration, mingling with...

Safe Driver Week

Operation Safe Driver Week is July 10-16 and Centerline Car Rentals is kicking the week off at Mango Melee with fun giveaways encouraging safe driving on St. Croix. The focus of the week internationally is speeding, distracted...
Pro Tip: Restart Your Cell Phone

Pro Tip: Restart Your Cell Phone

Here's a pro tip from Nadine for anyone arriving to St. Croix: restart your cell phone once you have landed. By powering off and back on, your phone should reset to the local time and find the nearest cellular tower. Note: Depending on the type of phone you have, you...

Car Care Tip: Check Your Tire Pressure

Car Care Tip: Check Your Tire Pressure

At Centerline, our top priority is keeping you safe, which starts with car care. Tire pressure monitoring is an important part of our regular routine and should be part of yours too. Improperly inflated tires can cause many issues, like excessive wear, lower gas...

St. Croix’s Very Long Baseline Array Station

St. Croix’s Very Long Baseline Array Station

Here's another Centerline rental Jeep spotted in the wild. Are these renters hiking Goat Hill or communicating with outer space? They are parked at St. Croix's Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) station, which is a popular parking area for hiking Goat Hill. Hiking Goat...

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