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Car Care Tip: Check Your Wiper Blades

Unless you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, this is a reminder to check your windshield wiper blades periodically. Our maintenance manager recommends checking your wiper blades at least every six months and changing them as needed. Keeping wiper...

Pro Tip: Restart Your Cell Phone

Here's a pro tip from Nadine for anyone arriving to St. Croix: restart your cell phone once you have landed. By powering off and back on, your phone should reset to the local time and find the nearest cellular tower. Note: Depending on the type of phone you have, you...

Car Care Tip: Check Your Tire Pressure

At Centerline, our top priority is keeping you safe, which starts with car care. Tire pressure monitoring is an important part of our regular routine and should be part of yours too. Improperly inflated tires can cause many issues, like excessive wear, lower gas...
Car Care Tip: Protection From Salt & Sand

Car Care Tip: Protection From Salt & Sand

We may not have much in common weather-wise with our stateside friends this time of year, but here are some car care tips that apply to both islanders and those in colder climates. Salt and sand come with both Caribbean breezes and cold winter chills. And neither salt...

From St. Croix to Orlando

From St. Croix to Orlando

UPDATE: All 17 dogs that flew from St. Croix to Florida in December 2021 were adopted within 2 hours!! Go live your best lives, pups, and tell everyone how great St. Croix is and that they should visit!! Great work, St. Croix Animal Welfare Center and Pet Alliance of...

Rental Jeeps Are Not For Off-Roading

Rental Jeeps Are Not For Off-Roading

When you think of a Jeep, you may think of rugged terrain and off-roading. In fact, there are a lot of clever Jeep accessories that make light of the adventurous nature of a Jeep -- like this funny "No Problem / Problem" tire cover. But serious problems can occur when...

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